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Our 2017 Seed Wheat Lineup:

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Plains Gold

Byrd is a 2013 release from Plains Gold. It has performed exceptionally well under both dryland and irrigation. Byrd's combination of excellent drought tolerance and high-end yield potential makes it hard to beat.

Kansas Wheat Alliance

Denali is a 2012 release which has performed very well on dryland and irrigated ground. It has good drought tolerance, very good straw strength, and excellent yield potential.

Plains Gold Hatcher is a great choice for dryland wheat production. This Colorado-bred wheat has excellent drought tolerance and great yield potential. Hatcher has very good winter hardiness and good fall grazing potential.
Kansas Wheat Alliance KanMark is a 2015 release from K-State that should be a consistent performer in dryland systems, with a top end yield presence under irrigation. KanMark is sure to become a staple in Western Kansas.
Kansas Wheat Alliance Larry is a new release from K-State. It should be a great fit for irrigated production in Southwest Kansas.
Kansas Wheat Alliance Oakley CL is a 2014 release from K-State which brings a lot to the table. It is one of the only varieties available with Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus resistance, and also has a strong Stripe Rust resistance. Combined with very good drought tolerance and a long Coleoptile, Oakley CL is truly"The Wheat that Tamed the West."
AgriPro SY Monument is a 2015 release from AgriPro. It features a broad area of adaptation and great drought tolerance. Its medium-late maturity which doesn't compromise on yield makes it an excellent addition to your wheat variety portfolio.
AgriPro SY Sunrise is an exciting new release from AgriPro.This high tillering, large seeded wheat has very high yield potential under irrigation, along with very good drought tolerance and disease package.

TAM 111 continues to be the one of the most popular wheat varieties in Western Kansas.It has performed consistently well in dryland and irrigated production.

Kansas Wheat Alliance

Tatanka is a new release from K-State. It should be an excellent choice for dryland acres.


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